We've created a range of bespoke feeding stations
for your flat faced friend. Personalise your Willowstep by
choosing from our range of styles, colours and fonts.

The Willowstep Collection

  • unnamed

    Willowstep: Original Raised Dog Feeder

  • unnamed (1)

    Willowstep: Twin Raised Dog Feeder

  • standing mat

    Willowstep: Replacement Foot Pad


We have created a range of veterinary approved Raised Dog Feeders, designed especially for Brachycephalic breeds such as French Bulldogs and Pugs. The Willowstep can aid digestion and create a more pleasurable mealtime experience for your pet.

Willowstep doesn’t just aid Brachycephalic breeds of dog; it can also greatly benefit elderly pets and other breeds. Thanks to our unique design, your friend will no longer struggle to keep their food down and maintain a steady pace of eating at meal times. 

Our endless customisations allow you to create one of a kind feeding station for your furry friend. We have a wide range of colours for you to choose from, along with a variety of fonts. When you purchase any of our made-to-order Willowsteps, just select your desired colours and fonts from the drop down menu. It’s that simple!

Can’t see the colour or fonts that you’re looking for? We also create custom Willowsteps, for more information please contact us.



“IG @monsieurcooper loves his new Willowstep! We love the colour to match our decor and the easy cleanup! Thank you so much!”

– Alicia Kerns
Willowstep Twin Feeder

“Our pug Gottfried loves his new Willowstep. Besides: Great and friendly customer service- highly recommended.”

– Thilo Oster
Willowstep Original Pug Feeder

“Margos willowstep arrived today-here she is enjoying her dinner -thankyou guys it’s gorgeous and can’t wait to order a second one for my other pug Albert.🐶❤️😍”

– Rachel Manning, Willowstep Pug Feeder

“Massive thank you to Willowstep. Obie and Denzel are still learning how to use it but they’re definitely catching. We’re already noticing Obie eating his food a bit slower and being sick less after eating. Their feeder looks wonderful cannot thank the lovely people behind willowstep enough for their amazing quick replies to my many questions and for all their help.“

– Boo Farrell, Willowstep Twin Feeder