Our Story

How Willowstep Began…

As a puppy, Willow often struggled to breathe after short spells of exercise and also struggled to keep down her food. Concerned about her condition, her owners took her to the local vets who referred her to specialist Ed Friend at the Vale Small Animal Hospital in Dursley, Bristol.

Ed recommended elevating Willow’s bowl during meal times, as it has been scientifically proven to help all breeds of dog to digest their food properly. In doing so, Willow’s quality of life dramatically improved and she was no longer regurgitating her food.

Dad, a talented sheet metal fabricator for a well known classic sports car manufacturer, decided to create an aluminium frame that would imitate the stairs at home – and this is where the idea for Willowstep began. This step has now evolved into Willowstep, the product that we now sell.

Ed, who had first suggested the idea, was so impressed with the Willowstep that he now endorses us and recommends our product daily to owners of Brachycephalic breeds.

Willowstep now has four products which cater specifically for Brachycephalic breeds, but other breeds of dogs can also use the Willowstep. Willow’s best friend Murphy uses the Willowstep Bigdawg, and our research has shown that all breeds of dog greatly benefit from their bowls being raised during meal times to prevent them from eating at a downwards angle.

How it works

We have a wide variety of different steps in the Willowstep family, from the smaller Willowstep Mini Edition (perfect for pups and smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas and Pomeranians) to the Willowstep Bigdawg. Simply choose the step that fits your breed, then choose from our wide range of colours and fonts to match your home and your dog’s personality. Don’t see the colour that you would like for your Willowstep? Just ask. We are more than happy to create a custom Willowstep to match your pup, including custom decals and fonts.

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